If you are a person who is legally registered as a member of the Board or Council or is an authorized person who represents a foreign business entity with the actions associated to the branch office, it means you can apply for residence permit in the Republic of Latvia.You just require to submit the documents obligatory to appeal for the Latvia residency.

Partnership is a business entity where two or more members join based on the partnership agreement to perform corporate activities under the name of same joint company.

Documents to be submitted for Latvia Immigration through Management terms

  • Application form of residence permit.
  • Photograph (to be attached with application form).
  • Necessary subsistence Proof (as of 1 April 2015).
  • Proof of planned accommodation in Latvia and the right to stay there.
  • Document confirming state duty payment.

Before applying for residence permit, you must know that if you are an authorized person of a limited liability company (a company registered in the Commercial Register), these documents are only applicable for you if the share capital of your company is minimum EUR 2800.

Before submitting these documents, you inviter or sponsor (Latvia citizen) need to approve the invitation letter at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in the Republic of Latvia.

If are planning to stay in Latvia with your minor child or a child under maintenance, you also need to submit his/her documents, relationship proof and a permission proof of other parent to reside in Latvia.

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