Real Estate

Real Estate

If you have decided to buy or sell any property in Latvia, you are advised to seek help of professional and trustworthy real estate specialist with the years of experience in this field.Buying or selling Latvia property is not an easy task for all individuals. Immigration-Latvia is highly proficient to guide you through the entire buying or selling process.

Just keep your stress a side as now you have reached at the right place. We give you the best possible advice and help you to relocate in Latvia with your own property. Now, you can become a temporary or permanent residence of the country and live your rest of your life with the culture and lifestyle of Latvians.

There is no doubt that modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Latvia has deeply influenced foreigners to become part of its community. We are here to make you able to sell and purchase of house, apartment, estates or resorts with all legal formalities. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated real estate agents who help people to discover the desired property that meets their unique needs and budget. We also help people outside EU (European Union) to apply for residency permit once they become owner of a property in Latvia.

Immigration-Latvia helps real estate owners to prepare the required documents when they wish to apply for the residence permit in the Republic of Latvia. Once you own any property in Latvia, it means you become eligible to become its resident. Make sure, the total value of your property should be at least EUR 250,000. No worries, we will help you to find the property with this minimum price and meets your requirements too.

Conditions apply if you buy property:

  • Neither have you had any real estate tax debts nor have any such debts presently.
  • Real estate does not include agricultural or wooden land.
  • Complete payment of the real estate you have bought must have been made by non-cash settlement.
  • Real estate must be bought from legal entity registered in Latvia or a member of EU or other European economic area or a citizen of Latvia or a citizen of EU or any foreigner with valid Latvia residence permit.
  • At the time of purchase, the total cadastral value of property should be at least EUR 80,000. If that value is below, then total real estate value should not be below EUR 250,000.
  • You must pay 5% of purchased real estate value into the state budget when you apply for first TRP.

Documents to be submitted for Residence Permit if you own Real Estate in Latvia

  • Residence permit application form
  • Photo (to be attached with form)
  • Necessary subsistence Proof (as of 1 April 2015)
  • Proof of planned accommodation in Latvia
  • Non-cash settlement payment proof of the real estate
  • No real estate tax debts proof
  • State fee payment proof
  • Document confirming the real estate market value
  • Document confirming kinship if you are accompanying your spouse or child

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