Bank Deposit


Bank deposit is considered as the fastest way with least legal formalities to get a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia.

An applicant must fulfil the given conditions to become eligible to receive a temporary residence permit to reside in Latvia for 5 years.

  • He/she must invest minimum EUR 280,000 in Latvian bank.
  • Bank term deposit will be locked for minimum 5 years, but interest will be paid depending on specific bank promotion.
  • EUR 25,000 shall be paid to state budget of Latvia.
  • Residency application related expenses.

All Latvian banks are fully combined with EU banking system and share the similar experience as of the other European banks. In order to become a complete member of European Economic Union, Latvia has introduced its own currency EURO in 2014.

Immigration-Latvia helps non EU residents to become a temporary resident of Latvia by assisting them all through the Latvia immigration process based on their fixed term deposit in a credit institution. We are constantly updating our team with the latest valuable offers provided by Latvian banks. It makes us highly proficient in giving best Latvia immigration and other related legal services to the clients.

Just let us know your background, existing financial status and plans, we ensure to handle your entire immigration process more effectively to obtain the temporary permit to stay in Latvia for 5 years. We help our clients in preparing all documents required in the process. After 5 years of lawful residence in Latvia, you can apply for permanent residence permit. We also make you capable to obtain the same.

Documents to be submitted for Latvia Immigration through valid Bank Deposit

  • Application form of residence permit.
  • Photograph (to be attached with application form).
  • Necessary subsistence Proof (as of 1 April 2015).
  • Proof of planned accommodation in Latvia.
  • Document confirming state duty payment.
  • Document confirming the subordinate liabilities by the credit institution of Latvia as per the Section 23 Paragraph One Clause 30 of the Latvia Immigration Law.

It is the duty of credit institution to confirm that the amount of investment made in foreign currency is equal to the amount indicated in Section 23 Paragraph One Clause 30 of the Immigration Law as per the foreign currency rate at the date entering the agreement.

If accompanying with your minor child or child under maintenance, you also need to submit his/her documents, relationship proof and a permission proof of other parent to reside in Latvia.

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