Direct Investment



If you have invested in the share capital of any company in Latvia to increase it in the future or has invested in the share capital as the foundation of new company, it means you are eligible to get a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia. You are required to submit the documents for the residency in Latvia. Your documents must provide that:

  • Investment is minimum EUR 50,000 (from 01.07.2016!) and this amount is done in a business company having employees less than 50. EUR 10,000 is payable to the state budget. Also, the company you have invested in has annual turnover or balance less than EUR 10 million. The company pays minimum EUR 40,000 of the total turnover as the tax into the state & municipal budget or 3,300 per month. Not more than 10 foreigners in the same company who have made investment as the share capital can apply for TRP.
  • Residency application related expenses.

Documents to be submitted for Latvia Immigration through Share Capital Investment

  • Application form of residence permit.
  • Photograph (to be attached with application form).
  • Necessary subsistence Proof (as of 1 April 2015).
  • Proof of planned accommodation in Latvia.
  • Document confirming state duty payment.

Before submitting these documents, you inviter or sponsor (Latvia citizen) need to approve the invitation letter at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in the Republic of Latvia.

If accompanying with your minor child or child under maintenance, you also need to submit his/her documents, relationship proof and a permission proof of other parent to reside in Latvia.

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